Ready to feel beautiful in your body, confident around food + freedom in your LIFE instead of Feeling 10 steps behind?

This program is an easy and simple 21 day journey to help you slow down, stop beating yourself up, and finally start enjoying your life and your body more!

Ever feel like you're just too far behind to ever catch up? 

Nothing was good enough. My diet wasn't "clean" enough, I didn't exercise hard enough, my waist wasn't small enough, my career wasn't taking off enough + surely, I was screwing up the whole parenting thing...I believed I'd failed because I wasn't PERFECT. 

That's why I've created a 21 day journey to help you stop beating yourself + start living.

this Program is not about eating perfectly or being perfect, but it will help you sift through the BullS**T so you can get your glow back. It's about doing it all smarter, kinder + simpler.




These are the 5 things we crave most as women, but most of us don't know how to access them in our day-to-day lives.  We're impossibly busy and so consumed by trying to do it all perfectly that we get stuck in this never-ending quest to be skinny, healthy, younger looking, or more successful.


Well, it's a small price to pay to start living the life you want to live.

  • to start seeing food differently - friend not foe.
  • to start slowing down without sacrificing productivity or creativity
  • to understand how "health" is about so much more than what you're eating + how you're exercising
  • to feel connected to your body
  • improve connection in your relationships
  • practice money mindfulness 
  • experience feeling nourished mind, body + soul

This program is for you if:

  • you're ready for a shift
  • you want this year, not just January, to be different...while keeping it real
  • you want to make health, your wellbeing, a priority, but know 1 cleanse or a new diet is not going to help long term
  • you want accountability - we've got a fabulous, supportive, funny group of women ready to give you a virtual hug 
  • you want guidance, not a generic "one-size-fits-all" approach to YOUR health
  • you've been looking for a safe, guilt + shame-free space to explore health + happiness
  • there is something in your gut telling you to go for it


Picture this: You getting what you need        


You already have lots of information, beautiful, I will show you how to use it without becoming distracted by the millions of internet articles telling you you're wrong or broken. 

So now I invite you to join me in January on this special road back to living the way you want to live. Calming the mean girl in your head + listening to what your body wants without guilt or shame. 


Over the course of these 21 days you will start using the information in front of you. (Did I mention you can do this ANYWHERE? That's right, I love what technology can do. All of us, wherever we are in the world, we're together on the internets) 

  • Starting with day 1 you will experience what it’s like to NOURISH yourself (it’s like someone just wrapped you in a blanket, rolled you in front of a fireplace + put on a killer jazz mix).
  • Learn how your eating style effects your personal digestion
  • explore that love-hate relationship to sugar
  • learn how you can heal + calm yourself anytime
  • create a daily practice to connect with yourself + your intentions/goals
  • be part of a loving, hilarious, supportive community of women who want you to succeed


By the end of the 21 days you will have a big bag of tricks to call on. Tricks that you had all along, but couldn’t access because you always felt like you were constantly playing catch up or focused on what you “should” do or what others expected of you.

Picture it: more connection, more love, more joy, more freedom, more BEAUTIFUL YOU.

early bird price: 


$97 after 12/25/15


Got a sister, bestie, mom, daughter or any special lady you'd like to share this experience with? When you register learn how you can share the experience (and end up getting your registration paid for)!



When does it begin?

Lessons will be delivered to your inbox + released here daily beginning January 11th  

Can't wait to get started on another new, abundant + mindful year together.


Our work is not to change what you do, but to witness what you do with enough awareness, enough curiosity, enough tenderness that the lies and old decisions...become apparent and fall away.
— Geneen Roth, author, Women, Food & God