A little bit about how + why I created this:

Hi, I'm Nikki + I created the Beautiful You Project for you. 

To be completely honest, this was born of my own journey, my struggles + triumphs navigating my relationship with food, my body, my relationships + my spirituality. Over the years I've noticed that SO many women have the same questions, confusion, guilt + shame I had been feeling.

I do this work because I believe in it. I've done all the reading + experimenting for you to provide the tools you need to feel confident in where you are, who you are + where you're headed.

I've compiled this work into this comprehensive 21-day program to introduce you to what's possible. 

  • to trust what you already know
  • to not feel like a basket case around food
  • to lose the shame + guilt
  • create daily practices to keep you grounded, nourished + rested
  • believing you deserve health, abundance, love + peace.

After I had my son, I struggled with postpartum depression + found myself back in my old disordered eating patterns. Patterns from my eating disorder that I though were long gone. 

I hated my new body, it didn't feel like mine anymore. I was binging on "healthy" cookies (no refined sugar, organic, Whole Foods expensive, blessed by health elves - but still binging) when nobody was looking. I wanted to be a different person. For a few years I tried cleanses, I quit sugar, I quit caffeine, I got a personal trainer, I did yoga, I did pilates, I walked a ton, I read every health book I could get my hands on + I became a Holistic Health Coach.

What I learned through all of it was that while doing yoga + cutting back on my sugar habit are actually good habits, I was doing them for the wrong reasons. 

Everything I tried to do was from the desire to FIX MYSELF. 

I don't eat a ton of sugar now, I do lots of yoga + even led a yoga retreat this year. But what's different is my mindset. I don't do it because I'm broken or not good enough + desperately need to be better. I do it because I like it, it feels good + it's part of my PERSONAL self-care practice. Not everyone needs the same things. 

I do not believe you are broken or need fixing. I don't believe losing 20 pounds will make you realize this. 

Have we all felt broken + shaken + confused? Absolutely, until we don't. 

I do believe that you have everything you need to shine + feel vibrant. My job is to remind you + show you where it's hiding.

This program is not something else to "do" it's an experience to have with yourself, to remind you how beautiful, healthy + vibrant you are. I offer it to you from my heart + I hope you enjoy the ride. 

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.
— Leonard Cohen