Day 12

There are no words for the power of this practice. There is also so many different ways to experience it. It's also not simply about the physical movement. My favorite definition of yoga is this:

Calming the fluctuations of the mind.

Again, I'm going to reference the breath. When you are paying attention to the breath or when you are connecting that breath with movement, you cannot focus on anything else. Moving the attention back to the breath lets the mind settle + calm. You can put down worry, concern, planning, replaying the past or stuck in the future. That's the meditation.  

Meditation is not a "clearing" of the mind + the goal is not the absence of thought. It is noticing the thoughts + coming back to breathing, coming back to this moment. Yoga gives us an opportunity to get into our body + out of our heads. 

I used to live exclusively in my head + didn't know what was going on with my body I was so disconnected. It was a constant state of anxiety + overwhelm. It's probably why I have been so drawn to yoga. It reintroduced me to my body + gave my brain a rest.

Yoga can be a gentle, calming practice + it can also be a more athletic, strength + endurance kind of practice. Neither is right or wrong. It really is a practice that can be for everyBODY. 

The intention in Beautiful You is to discover what’s right for YOU. 

As I say for most things, you have to go with your gut + do what makes you feel your best.

I’ve created a 15-minute yoga video for you to do at home. Moving the spine + breathing through this sequence is both energizing + relaxing, releasing stuck energy + tension. 

Want to make it happen?

Open up your calendar + block off 20 minutes for yoga tomorrow. Set your reminder/alarm. 

Find a spot in your house that is quiet + feels good. You don't even need a mat but grab a pillow or folded blanket to use to make some poses more comfortable. 

Play the video...feel good. 

Note if you really enjoy a certain pose + use it as a simple tool to get into your body when you're feeling overwhelmed, stagnant or tired. Child's pose is perfect for grounding yourself. If your brain is racing, connecting your forehead to the ground will help settle you.

Group classes are wonderful + I encourage you to do those too, but for the purposes of self discovery, practicing at home lets you listen to your body + make adjustments you might not be comfortable doing in a class. Plus, it takes way less time.

If you already have a yoga practice, awesome! Can you share how it fits into your life + what benefits you get from it?

// Bonus: I've also included a restorative yoga video for some really deep relaxation. The yoga in these 2 videos are what my retreat partner, Tami + I teach on our retreats! //




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