Day 13

One of the cornerstones of being a human is being in relationship + the relationships we are in are part of our health + wellbeing.

We are in relationship with ourselves with our partners, family, friends + community.  

When our relationships are out of sync it has a funny way of effecting so many other parts of our lives. I'm going to focus on the energetic qualities of relationships rather than specifics, though I will mention the sacredness of our female relationships.

Part of the benefit of this experience in the Beautiful You Project is connection with other women. Remembering we are not alone. 

Female relationships are especially key because it’s ingrained in our very nature. Way back when we were all living in villages raising children with a whole tribe of other women including our elder family members. 

Not that we need to recreate that, but it helps us understand that we were created to be in a community of women - even if it’s a modern day kind.


Who are your core people - only 2-5 people who you can totally lose your shit around, who love + support you unconditionally, who know you best?

Which relationships need some fresh oxygen? How can you make that happen? 

I have to put things on the calendar - even if it's weeks or months away. Date nights regularly (we suffer if this doesn't happen), a ladydate at least once every 2 weeks, weekly playdates (for my kiddo + for me to connect with other parents). 

Focus on the relationships that NOURISH you, just like food + self care, having relationships that energize you, that are balanced in giving/receiving energy are vital to your health.

Check out the PDF to dive deeper + set some intentions here. It’s easy to lose touch + get too busy, even when you only live a few miles away. This exercise will give you some concrete steps to creating connection without filling up your free time with lunch dates. 

// One caveat here: this is not about enduring relationships that are not good for you, that hurt you, that drain you, that are one sided, jealous or vindictive. This is about building up + maintaining those that expand you + reflect back your own beauty. //




Mindset Makeover

My relationships deserve room to grow deeper.