Day 15

Welcome to our final week of Beautiful You! This is the fun part. This is when we turn all of the work we've been doing into inspired action, meaning it doesn't feel like HARD work.

Don't worry, I will totally be walking you through the process + by the end of this week you will have your own, unique personal practice that will help you create what you came here for: balance, space, freedom, connection, meaning, self-compassion, rejuvenation, rest

What most of you came here for was a self-care practice, taking care of yourself, your energy, your body + your health. But what you want is not just self-care, you want what self-care does for you, how it changes your life. 

What specifically gets to happen for you when you practice more self-care? That is your motivator.

Today let's talk about giving. 

Now, I know most of us are here because we are feeling depleted in some way, perhaps by the amount we are giving. The amount of giving is not the problem though. The replenishing is. 

That tank can't get to empty. That's why we pay attention when we eat, so our body is resting, digesting + actually getting the nutrition it needs. That's why we move our bodies, to burn off stress, to get the F out of our heads, to tap into our energy + feel good hormones. That's why we breathe + take moments to UNDO, so we can settle, hear what our body is telling us, focus + refuel. It's why we deepen relationships, the ones that help enliven us, that don't require us to BE anything other than our messy, imperfect, incredible, beautiful selves.

These are regular practices we can plug into in order to recharge. 

Today I'm offering a different perspective on giving. This is not about you giving MORE from an empty tank. 

There are healing benefits to giving from this reserve of love we all have inside of us. First, I want to reframe the word GIVING because you might feel exhausted just hearing the word. So how about these:



You do not need to go create more work for yourself. That is not at all what I'm suggesting. 

Being of service or paying it forward can be as simple as smiling at strangers, holding the door for someone or sending some reassuring words to someone. Send someone a text or make a call to someone to let you know you're thinking about them. Sometimes being of service is really listening to what someone is saying. 

I'm part of a local mom's group on Facebook, there are so many opportunities to offer words of encouragement or help someone out + it's simple. 

It's another form of mindfulness in a way. Remember when I talked last week about human connection? We all want to feel seen + heard. How can you practice seeing + hearing someone today?

Chances are when you do this you start to see the effect it has on your life + how you feel more seen + heard, more impactful + purposeful in the world.

We aren't separate from others, we are all connected, there is a shared humanity. In fear we separate, in love we embrace.

By the way, this is happening in our own Facebook Group, we are practicing seeing + hearing one another. Perhaps that's where you can be of service today.




I have the power to spread more love + kindness in the world.