Day 16

Take a deep breath.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you are breathing. Luckily, our amazing bodies breath + work without us thinking about it. For this moment let’s pay attention to your breathing - don’t change it, just notice what it’s like.

How does it feel? Is it slow, fast, shallow, deep, heavy, quiet, calm, labored, smooth, choppy?

If you haven’t already, take a deep breath. All the way down into your belly + exhale. One more time + see if you can let your exhale be a tiny bit longer than your inhale, make it full + complete. 

Now how is your body feeling?

Use this meditation + breathing pattern or listen to me guide you through it here.

  • Inhale deeply for a count of 5.
  • Hold your breath for up to a count of 5.*
  • Slowly exhale for a count of 7.

*Don’t hold your breath if you are pregnant or know you have high blood pressure. Hold only as long as is comfortable, not tense or stressed. =)

Now take a second to remind yourself how simple that was - once you actually stopped to do it. How it didn’t matter if you were sitting in your living room, standing in line at the grocery store or watching your toddler tantrum. 

This is our MOST powerful, yet overlooked tool to regulating our nervous system, balancing hormones, digesting, managing stress, sleep + it is our direct line of communication with our bodies. 

It is breathing, it is mindfulness, it is meditation. I want to show you that there is no wrong way to meditate, nor is it something to "get good" at. It's not erasing thoughts from your head. It's breathing. When we are paying attention to our breath, it's impossible to be focused on anything else.

We will get taken away from our breath by thoughts that come up. The practice is to return to the breath, to let the thought happen + go without traveling down a rabbit hole with it. I like the cloud analogy: imagine your thoughts are just clouds passing by, no need to stop them or analyze them, just say what's up + let them keep going. 

Meditation is a breathing practice or a being practice.

It’s simple to get into the habit of blowing through the day without ever checking in with ourselves. Maybe you wake up in the morning + then leave your body while it zooms from one thing to the next only to return just before bed. 

Before, during + after meals breathing alone can decrease cravings, prevent overeating, improve digestion, calm digestive distress, increase satiation (feeling like you’re full) + give you a chance to enjoy or taste what you're eating.

If you’ve ever wondered how to use your intuition or understand how you can just KNOW something or feel it in your gut, this is how. Everything is energy + breathing is a form of moving that energy around, getting it unstuck + letting it nourish you. 

It’s not a magic talent, it’s the ability to tap into the wisdom of your body + it’s powerful. 

I invite you to think of it less like something else to remember to do + more of an opportunity to test out your own magic powers today. With practice (and maybe a cell phone reminder) it becomes a go-to tool + part of ritual or habit. Use it to move between parts of your day or attach it to something you already do regularly

What are 3 transitions in your day or other habits you have?

Some examples of transition points are: 

  • getting up in the morning
  • moving from morning activities + school drop off to beginning work
  • going from work mode to preparing/eating lunch
  • from work time to mom/family time (this one is huge for me + a short meditation keeps me from getting caught up in multitasking + not spending quality time with my kiddo)
  • going to bed at night

Choose 1 or 2 times you want to practice this breathing/meditation. 

Grab your phone + set notifications to remind you. 

Consider it an experiment. You can watch the pace of your day completely change, still get things done + not feel totally stressed about it.

Boom, just like that you're meditating. 




Mindset Makeover

Nothing to do, nowhere to be, no one else to be, just me, just my breath.