Day 17

Today we dream. 

I want to share a quick story. It's in the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Great book + I am giving you the ultimate short version of this story. 

There is a woman who at 90 became an expert on the history of ancient Mesopotamia. She discovered her passion for it, not when she was young, but 10 years prior, when she was 80. She had no doubt done a million other things before she was 80, but here she was, a widow + now a leading expert on this subject because she just devoted 10 years of her life to it + she was excited about it. At 80 years old she decided, as Gilbert writes: It ain't over yet.

Point being: it ain't over. 

It is not too late to have dreams + it's certainly not too late to at least head in that direction + see what you find.

A few months ago I was talking to a college student who just got back from spending a semester abroad. It sounded so exciting - as it does each time I hear someone's story. As a few others were sharing stories I started to feel so sad. I didn't get to do that in college, but there is no one to blame, I wasn't resentful or pissed, I was just sad that 19 year old me wanted that so badly but decided that's not possible for someone like me so I didn't even try.

When I pulled myself back into that conversation, words fell out of my mouth + I announced that I was going to study abroad later in life. I didn't let myself have that dream then, so I'll go ahead and let myself have it now.

Today we are going to set aside some time to dream. I love doing this every so often + it's actually really great to do with my husband when we're out on a date. We talk about our shared dreams for our family + then our personal ones. It's fun to put it out there + it can be very intimate (sometimes surprising + mindblowing) to hear what people desire.

Getting caught up in the day-to-day can feel so FINAL but it's not. We don't have to surrender to that mean girl telling us it's not worth it, you can't do it, too old, too young, too broke, to busy, etc. This is such a small piece of life's puzzle. Can we enjoy the moment + be moving in the direction of some of our dreams?

  1. Carve out 20 minutes where you can relax + be uninterrupted. Let everyone know not to disturb you, go sit at a coffee shop or outside with cup of tea. 
  2. Free write on a piece of paper what your dreams are. Any of them. Let them be YOURS. Lots of people love to travel (but not everyone desires that), if traveling more is a dream, be specific. Where do you want to go? How long would you want to stay? Who do you want to go with?
  3. If you didn't have to worry about making money, what would you do? Where would you live? What would your hobbies be? What luxuries would you like? (I would like clean linen sheets on my bed every single day. Silly, not a big deal if that doesn't happen for me, but it sounds pretty divine) 
  4. When you're done look at your list + circle your top 3 BIG DREAMS - things that get you really excited.

Is there ANYTHING you can do to move your toward that dream?

Example: One of my big dreams is to move to Italy for a year + go to some sort of culinary school. I don't feel compelled to make that happen NOW, so every so often I just research culinary schools + places to live. =) 

You could create a special fund + start with $1 in it.

Make pinterest board as a visual dream board.

The point is: It ain't over. 

I REALLY hope you ladies will share one or some of your dreams. Sharing it puts it out into the world, sharing it in a powerful group of women like ours could really stack the cards in your favor. Plus, it's SO fun + inspiring to witness other people's dreams + cheer them on.



Mindset Makeover

It's never too late to dream - it ain't over.