Day 18

In so many ways this is self explanatory...

Do things that make you feel good.

Not everything in life feels good, but knowing what does make you feel good + doing a few of those things would make sense.

Yet, may of us, myself included, let life - responsibility, to-do lists, tasks, lack of time, tight budgets, others' expectations, body changes, cravings, stress - push those little feel good things out.

I have had plenty of OH SHIT moments when I can't figure out where my lightness went, when I got overly serious, so checked out, so sad, so disconnected + uninspired. Each time it was because I quit paying attention to what made me tick, I pushed it out + sacrificed myself for productivity, responsibility + doing what was expected of me.

That's not ME. I am a wild rebel at heart + I spent SO MUCH TIME hiding. If I'm not nurturing that part of me, not feeling good in those ways, I get lost. I get sad, disconnected, judgmental, checked out....and worst of all, I get bored. 

A big part of this journey is acknowledging who you are + being her. This is the only way to freedom. Living in a box you + the rest of the world built around you will only keep you small + none of us are here to slip through life unseen, small + hidden. 

We are here to say what we need to say, to love, to fight for what we believe in, to teach, to learn, to grow, to shine our light, to be of service to the world. In order to do that, we have to keep our light lit. 

You need to know what makes YOU, the unique, one of a kind, woman you are...what makes you come alive.

Today we will again bring our focus on what sorts of little things make us feel good. It's like our big dreams exercise but on a smaller scale.

We will start with our immediate, day-to-day life. Where can you express yourself, what makes you feel good?

Here is a short list to get your brain going. 

  • music
  • fresh flowers + plants in the house
  • having a cup of tea
  • sitting by the fire
  • wearing clothes that fit well + comfortably
  • fashion/accessories that express who you are
  • regular pampering (massage, facials, mani/pedi, sauna/steam)
  • nature: river, ocean, lakes, trees, beaches, meadows
  • inspiring documentaries or memoirs
  • books + literature
  • painting, knitting, decorating, baking, cooking, writing (where do you feel CREATIVELY expressed?)
  • learning about a new things

Sure, we don't have time to do EVERYTHING but that's no excuse (or at least not a good one) to do nothing. 

Doing these little things like buying or cutting yourself fresh flowers, sitting down with your honey or friend, some good music + a cup of tea (or glass of wine) with the intention of spending time together, finding clothes + outfits that make you feel good, taking a stroll around the block, reading in front of a warm fire...

Whatever the little thing is, can you make it RICH? Can it fuel you?

You're practicing ritual, small things done with attention + gratitude. They will keep you moving in the direction of your dreams because you're telling the universe you're worth it + you're ready.

Create little opportunities to feel the way you want to feel?



Mindset Makeover

I do the little things to keep me moving towards my dreams.