Day 2

I have spent many years struggling with sugar. It is a loaded diet + nutrition topic right now, that is not lost on me. 

I ate lots of it for most of my life. I felt out of control with it - like I could never resist it + was addicted. I learned more about it, learned more about myself + learned what my relationship to it was. Learning more about MYSELF is what healed me, not by forcing myself to quit it. I had to be really gentle because I used sugar when I didn't feel good about myself. Learning for me meant I did take a break from it for awhile, now I know how my body feels without it + how it feels with lots of it. Now I can use that info to listen to what my body is telling me + hear what is true (I'm hungry, tired, lonely, satisfied, happy, content).

I studied Health At Every Size + Intuitive Eating. I learned about the politics, science + fear culture being created around certain foods. Remember how fat used to be the WORST + now everyone is putting butter + coconut oil in their coffee? Exactly. 

I started to realize the mindset I had around sugar was more damaging to my health + wellbeing than the sugar itself.  Either I was using it + feeling guilty, or avoiding it + feeling deprived. Neither made for much peace in my life. I thought something was WRONG with me + I think a lot of us feel that way when we're faced with the fear culture around food + bodies.

We come up against this feeling like we have to go NO sugar or we eat ALL the sugar. I am not going to tell you to quit, cut back or eat all of it. I'm going to help you identify what feels right for you right now so you can move forward guilt free.

We are going to shift our beliefs about it. 

If you eat a ton of sugar (as I once did) you aren’t going to feel good. It does create dependency + causes you to crave more, that's science + physiology. Low quality food doesn't provide the nutrients we need + we tend to eat more searching for more nutrition while processed sugar, salt + fat increase cravings for more processed sugar, salt + fat. 

We all know a diet high in processed food + highly refined sugar is not ideal, I don’t think any scientist, doctor or wizard shaman would argue against that. Health concerns are for those people who are eating mostly processed food + very little nutrient dense, whole, less processed foods. 

This is a POPULAR time to hop on the quit sugar (and lots of other foods) wagon. It makes sense that some of us are feeling not so great after the holidays. That is INFORMATION you can use. That is your body telling you it needs something. You are not bad or wrong for what + how you eat. If you don't feel good, listen + do something that will make you feel good.

When I work with clients on this topic we shift our focus because where we put our attention is what grows, right? If our attention is on the negative we will experience more negative. Let's take our attention off of the BAD, TOXIC, UNHEALTHY, RESTRICTIVE stories we are telling ourselves + focus on where we can add more NOURISHMENT, ENJOYMENT, REAL FOOD.

Today’s action step is to keep it real + investigate

Grab your journal or piece of paper or print this PDF.

  • Start by noticing patterns around it - when + where 
  • What is the non-hunger-related reason why - most people don’t eat 10 cookies because they’re starving. Also, the reason does not make you bad + we have some really great reasons because it's helped you feel comforted + safe.
  • Stop thinking about how to avoid it.
  • Stop thinking about how to avoid it. Got that? Great.
  • Let’s change that mindset to what you CAN do. Is there something you can add to your diet or your life? Maybe more walks (always kills a craving), maybe a transition from work to home, maybe adding a handful of greens to your soup, have a cup of tea then decide if you still want a treat. EASY. One step at a time. (I added some more ideas in the PDF)
  • Ok, now go check out your patterns. Is there something else you might need? If it’s late afternoon when you get home, maybe you need a cup of tea or quick legs up the wall pose to transition into a different part of your day. Slump at work? Take a quick youtube break (Between Two Ferns, super funny) or go outside.

To summarize sugar:

  • Be mindful + honest of it’s role in your life + why. 
  • Do you want it’s role to be different?
  • Be kind.
  • Don’t focus on avoiding it - that’s fearful + will probably backfire in a giant bag of Oreos.
  • Focus on real food - nutritionally dense (greens, root veggies, soups/stews, whole grains, beans, non-vegetable oils + fats) SO YOU FEEL SATISFIED + NOURISHED
  • Also use non-food ways to take care of yourself.



Sugar is not the devil. I will give my body what it needs + include nutrient dense foods (fresh, whole, unprocessed). I can still have sugar if I feel like it. 


Whether sugar is your "thing" or not: be super gentle with yourself, especially if you're coming off of a diet mentality. Focus on CARING for yourself first + foremost. 

Please reach out if you need additional support either in the FB group of in the comments below. 




Mindset Makeover

Sugar is not the devil. I will give my body what it needs + include nutrient dense foods (fresh, whole, unprocessed). I can still have sugar if I feel like it.