Day 20

Well, you did it. You're here at Day 20 + I am so proud of you. Even if all you were able to do was skim the emails when they came in or didn't get past making soup on Day 1. 

I truly believe we get exactly what we need when we need it. So whatever you got was what you were meant to get. Also, it's why I opened this up to be accessible to you anytime. You might want to go through the lessons again or just revisit a few that are calling to you. 

This is YOUR program, the only right way to do it is to listen to what it is you need + do that. Thank you so much for showing up + meeting yourself with kindness. 

As we wrap up our 21 days, our final lesson is a coming together of sorts. It's taking all the lessons + looking at the big picture so you can CREATE what's next.

It doesn't stop here. In fact, it never stops, it keeps unfolding + shifting + there will be huge wins along with loss. This is real talk. I'm not denying the realities of life, which certainly throws us some shit, but it's your shit + you have a choice on how to proceed. 

These are your tools + today is a day to reflect + begin to use them to create.

I will walk you through this so that you can CREATE + COMMIT to a daily ritual. I'm calling it a ritual because, for me, it feels more sacred, more nourishing, more honoring + less like one more thing to check off of the to-do list. You are free to call it whatever you want.

I find that when things don't have that get-it-done urgency + you really just desire the benefit, it's much easier + more sustainable. I had one client stop prepping food on Sundays because it was stressing her out on what was pretty much her only day off. She ended up having a great Sunday was super relaxed, went for a walk with a friend + then felt like she really wanted to cook so she made food. She ended up with food but didn't spend the day avoiding, worrying or dreading it. 

She wanted to feel good so she took care of herself + the rest fell into place. It doesn't always have to be hard.

1. Here is a list of the lessons. Choose 3-5 that felt the most impactful to you, that gave you an AHA or were most interesting or appealing.

  • Mental Detox
  • Yoga
  • Relationships
  • Pay It Forward/Be of Service
  • Meditation + Breath
  • Big Dreams
  • Feeling Good
  • Play
  • Soup/Nourishment
  • Sugar 
  • Mindful Eating
  • Rest + Digest
  • Quality
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Clutter

2. Now decide what you want to commit to for the next 40 days. Choose ONLY 1 or 2 items tops.

Be creative, maybe mindfulness is sitting down for a cup of tea when you get home in the evening or for less clutter you clear the kitchen table each night. 

3. Make it happen: When will you do/practice this, how will you do it, why did you choose it, how is it going to make you feel? (I PDF'd this for you).

4. Share your commitment in the comments or on the Facebook page so we can acknowledge + support you.

If you love tracking things, here is a little check off list to get you through 40 days, but notice if you turn this into a chore. It won't feel super easy or fun everyday, but you'll do it anyways, not because you HAVE to, but because of how it will make you feel. Focus on benefit.

If you like accountability, someone to cheer you on or check in with you, use the FB group as a place to post, find an accountability partner in the group or a friend you can check in with.

Huge, massive hugs, I can't wait to hear what rituals you are about to integrate into your life. 




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Feeling good is the goal.