Day 21

There is only one thing to do today + that is to CELEBRATE!


What would feel like a proper celebration for YOU? Like I mentioned in the group earlier this week, it can feel strange + indulgent to celebrate but it's the perfect way of saying, YES! THANK YOU! MORE PLEASE! 

It's like gratitude, it draws your attention + energy in the direction you want to go rather than rehearsing the same old stories of it never being enough. Maybe you only got through a handful of lessons but can you celebrate that instead of consider it all a bust + dive into a story about how you just don't have time, you can't seem to finish anything, nothing worked because you weren't 100% in it.

You got exactly what you needed right NOW. One of the lessons might pop into your head a few months from now signaling you to revisit or think about it. Or you'll be led to a book you want to read or you'll remember how much you love dancing + how exercise can be doing something you love, so you start looking for some dance classes once a week.

Point is, my friend, you deserve to celebrate. Most of us don't give ourselves enough credit, so consider this your permission slip to CELEBRATE YOU. If you made a list of everything you handled this week I have no doubt it would be a long ass list. You are nowhere near lazy, so if you want to celebrate by getting in bed in the middle of the day + watching a movie or taking a nap, you do it. (I totally spent a weekday morning last week watching a movie, it was awesome)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing up here + sharing your gifts. I am so proud of the work you've done + the way you've supported yourself + sisters. I hope you were able to see the power in nourishing your body, mind + soul. This work is can be subtle but extremely powerful.

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." ~Joseph Campbell

It's what we all desire at the deepest level, to simply be ourselves, unapologetically + to matter. You + what you do matters, it's for that reason we search for ways to slow down. Now you've learned that it's not "out there" it is inside of you, you just have to be quiet enough to listen. 

High five, huge hugs, super dance party, confetti explosion, cake eating, nap taking...WELL DONE,

All the LOVE, 


Mindset Makeover

I am a kick ass lady + I will celebrate.