Day 5

As I write this I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop, sipping coffee + eating a delicious chocolate croissant. 

I rarely eat croissants, but when I do it’s the best damn croissant I can find (outside of Bouchon).

Your food priorities might be different than mine + it’s totally cool to take a trip to the South and eat some fried chicken or have full on gluten-y pasta in Italy. The chicken is cheap + probably not free-range, organic + pasture fed. The pasta is, well, white flour. 

What is your priority the rest of the time, most of the time? When you're not exploring Europe or eating your way through Manhattan but when you are home on a Thursday.

What are your standards of quality? How does quality play a role in how you eat most of the time? 

I want most of what’s going in my body to be high quality. 

The quality of the food we eat directly impacts our health. Low quality, highly processed foods lack enough of the nutrients our bodies need, so we end up eating more + craving more. The body keeps eating in search of the nutrients it needs. In addition, those foods have been engineered by geniuses to light up our brain's pleasure centers making us crave more of the same (usually processed sugar, salt + fat). 

What I love about focusing on quality is that you feel good knowing you are caring for yourself + your family, but also that it makes the crazy, overwhelming landscape of nutrition + what to eat WAY simple:


It’s easy to think more is always better. Or the cheapest price is best. I’ve learned less quantity, higher quality leads to more satisfaction. That goes for more than food for me, it goes for fashion/clothes, toys for my son, events/commitments on my calendar, beauty products, even exercise.

When it comes to choosing food, yes you could get more food at Costco, but do you need all of it? Do you need the bag of chocolates or could you buy one really good bar of chocolate + savor + appreciate that creative, passionate people are producing it. 

Energy is a factor here. You can leave this if it sounds a little woo-woo for you, but quantum physics tells us everything is energy, it all has a vibration. If you talk shit to water, over time it will change it's molecular structure next a glass of water that has heard kind words (read about that here). Higher quality food has not only more available nutrients + health benefits but it also has better energy + a higher vibration. Who doesn't want to vibrate higher?

Today your goal is to move in the direction of higher quality.

How to do this:

  • Start where you're at. This is not an overhaul, you don't have to throw your food away. 
  • Choose one thing you commit to upgrade. When I started doing this 12 years ago, I started with produce. Slowly, I began choosing organic + shopping at the farmer's market. Once that became typical (not as easy a decade ago, so it took some foot work), I moved onto animal products (meat , eggs + dairy) that were organic, ethically raised, not from factory farms, I chose high quality, less processed sugars/fats/salts. Then I moved onto the products I was using on my skin + hair, then cleaning products...The point is: all of that happened over the course of 12 years. Just choose one simple thing.
  • It doesn't matter where you start, what matters is that you start + put some attention on it, move in the direction you want to go. These are topics that people can get really strict about. Try to avoid that mentality. I still eat Reese's Pieces, full of food dye + high fructose corn syrup, when I go to the movies. 
  • Use this PDF to write down some intentions - see which direction you'd like to go. This is not about figuring out how to make this all happen NOW. Writing it down just gives it some positive energy + gives you a chance to sift through your priorities. 

Share with the group. Where are you committed to an upgrade?

You deserve the good stuff, so give it to yourself. A few extra bucks a month on fancy chocolate might be just the kind of luxury you were looking for.





I choose the direction I want to go. I choose to move forward!