Day 7

If you haven’t noticed yet, what we are doing is putting more attention + intention in how you approach life.

Today is definitely an INACTION day. How can you slow down + rest? What do you need? Do you want to implement any other lessons from this week? Want to do nothing? Great. Give yourself what you need today. It'll feel good because this should be our slowest, most grounded, rested time of year, Winter. 

Seasonality has become more of a centerpiece to my life as I’ve gotten older. I feel the shift when we move from summer to fall or from winter to spring. My requirements for sleep change a little, my clothes change, how I want to exercise changes, what I want to eat really changes.

Turns out this is what our bodies will tell us if we listen. According to Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga), the energy of Winter is dry + airy. It's considered the best time for building immunity, assuming we are moving slower + resting + eating well for the season. To create balance this time of year we can move toward heavier, warmer, oily foods + more grounding lifestyle practices.

Hello soup!

Soup in the middle of summer will not feel as grounding or nourishing. It's extra heat in a season of heat, so we might overheat. I have Summer body type (Pitta) so I am WAY prone to overheating in the Summer, which makes me feel agitated, stressed + prone to stomach aches + poor sleep.

Just like a big, fresh salad + green juice just don’t satisfy in the winter the way they do in the Spring. It doesn’t feel the same because it’s taking your body out of balance. Raw foods are cold + dry, just like Winter, the teaching is that we would be taking on too much Winter resulting in us not feeling well, decreased immunity, digestive distress or just feeling "off."

Ayurveda is 5000 years old + has lots to teach us. This is like Ayurveda LIGHT. Or LIGHT-LIGHT because it is so much more intricate than this. I recommend learning about your own Ayurvedic body type (called a dosha) + see how it resonates. 

This is information for Winter friendly, Vata-balancing practices. Vata is the dosha of winter + getting out of balance this time of year can happen when we eat lots of raw, cold foods + drinks, we aren't sleeping enough, we keep ourselves really busy (without resting) or are ungrounded in general. That said there isn't anything wrong or bad if you eat a salad or want some fro-yo, it's all information.

Here are some ways to balance this winter energy or notice how good these things feel this time of year:


  • warm, cooked, you might find yourself wanting more meat or heavier proteins in the winter than other times of year
  • warming liquids, herbal teas, ginger tea, warm lemon water (according to Ayurveda, lemon is surprisingly a heat producing food, not a cooling summer food as many of us assume)
  • balancing foods: avocado, banana, lemons, pumpkins, carrots, beets, rice, quinoa, almonds, sesame seeds.
  • eating produce with the seasons is an easy way (mostly) to stick to balancing, notice the root veggies, squash + nuts.



  • soft fabrics, neutral, mild colors are pacifying.
  • keep yourself + your spaces warm
  • mellow, quiet, sweet music, environment + company
  • plenty of exercise + movement
  • routine
  • practice self massage (more on this soon)
  • eating peacefully + not rushing



  • sleep is vital to balance Vata
  • meditation
  • routine + ritual (which is exactly what we are creating here in BYP + perhaps why the Winter holidays can feel so stressful + intense + bring lowered immunity)

Have a fabulous Sunday, sisters!



today it's a question:

If I had nothing on my To-Do list today, what would I do?