Day 9

We are going to have the clutter conversation. I realize you might be jumping for joy, you might be sort of up for the challenge or you're about to stop reading because it's just too overwhelming to even begin...I get it, but stick with me.

This has become a popular topic recently + it’s one I’ve stood by long before I could put it into words. I’ve moved about 13 times in the last 15 years. Moving is not that awesome, except that it is because I got to throw away a bunch of crap I was holding onto that I didn’t need. 

We all have that. We have it on our desks, in our drawers, in our cars, in our pantry, in the garage, the closet, the attic, under the sink, in our brains, on our computers, our inbox.

We all know, intuitively that those messy spaces that we try to avoid are actually bugging the crap out of us. I love the dresser in my bedroom, it’s sleek + modern + looks great with nothing on it but a potted plant, yet for some reason I feel compelled to use it as an upgrade to throwing my clothes on the floor.

Recently I made a commitment to hang my clothes up immediately or to at least put away what’s out before I go to bed each night. Putting away 2 things is easier than 20 - I love easy.

I feel 100X better. I also moved the pile of books stacked up on my night stand to the book shelf + left only the 2 that I’m currently reading. 

It’s an energetic thing. Everything is energy. Your stuff can suffocate you. Clothes you don’t wear or that don’t fit, spices you don’t use, kitchen gadgets you don’t need (OMG, I used to have so many), 7 kinds of age defying face creams, c'mon. Receipts in your wallet or purse, your desk, paperwork that needs filing...

I didn't read that really popular book, but I did pick up her suggestion to deal with categories (books, clothes, paper) + to ask the question: "Does it serve you + bring you joy?" That deserves repeating:


Your bills might not bring you joy, but you can't just toss them + forget about them. However, we can reframe that: That is an opportunity to be grateful for the means to pay those bills that provide luxuries (have a car, heat your house, use the internet...) + you can respect your money/finances by having a place for those bills. The rest of the mail, recycle it.

If you’re afraid to get started because there’s SO much to do, just start + don’t worry about HOW to finish. Start with something manageable + not emotional. I like throwing away any paper I don't need - old notes, magazines, junk mail, receipts - then, organizing what I need to keep in file folders. Hire someone to help you (seriously, it's worth it if it's a lot of work). Ask a friend or family member or the other people living in your house.

Choose a surface that is off limits for clutter. I say no to anything not food/meal related on the dining room table + toys don't get to spend the night outside the kid's bedroom (as much as possible).

These are all just suggestions, I don't know what your spaces are like + I don't know how sensitive you are to clutter, but I do know this:

When you MAKE SPACE by getting rid or letting go of what you don't need there is MORE SPACE to welcome in what you desire. 

Even the tiniest step is a step. Clear out, get rid of what you don’t need or aren’t using, file papers, clean up your email + computer, go through your closet. You might not even realize how your space + your stuff has been weighing on you.

Clearing your physical space will free up your mental space + help you feel calmer + more motivated. 

This is a HUGE topic + there is no expectation to take this whole thing on in one day. I'm encouraging you, though, to put your energy towards it. Start thinking about it, how much stuff do you need? 




I keep only what I need, only what brings me JOY.