You're gonna love our first lesson - especially if you're into things being EASY! 

The definition of NOURISHMENT is this:

:: food or other substances necessary for growth, health and good condition.

:: the act of nourishing someone or something

We can talk all day long about how food is meant to be nourishing. At it’s core, eating nourishes our body, we all know this. However, knowing + experiencing are two very different things. How do we integrate it?

First, let's get our minds thinking in the direction of nourishment.

Think of one thing in each category that would make YOU feel nourished:


Of course I made you this PDF if you want to print it out + write these down. Or you can always jot them down in a journal.

Today’s lesson is to EXPERIENCE nourishment via food, since this week is about smarter, more intentional approaches to eating. Today your focus is on nourishment + what makes you feel satisfied, what tastes good + what makes you feel like you just did the best thing you could do for yourself. This is what your eating habits could be missing: the opportunity to taste, enjoy, digest + absorb nutrients. 

Most people underestimate the power of enjoyment - it effects digestion, metabolism, feeling full, curbs cravings + can help your body assimilate more nutrients.

How are you going to experience this?

Luckily, it’s winter so there is truly no better way to experience nourishment than to prepare + enjoy a hot bowl of SOUP.

Obviously, you’re getting this the day before the official day 1 so that you can prepare. So find a recipe, I have a few favorite recipes for you HERE. Go get your ingredients + make some soup, girl! Break out those cookbooks, get on Pinterest + find something that sounds delicious.


Don’t make it hard - if searching the internet for a recipe is too overwhelming, I’ve included a few of my favorites that are delicious, nutritious + simple. The lentil coconut is wildly simple, satisfying + a BYP favorite. You can download those HERE.


Make extra - have it for lunch, total game changer, plus you won’t have to make a decision about what to eat for lunch. One of my best investments was $28 for a soup thermos. Or freeze it - I usually have butternut squash soup in my freezer at all times, similar to this recipe.


Start where you’re at - how much time you have, how much you enjoy cooking, how confident you feel in the kitchen should determine what you choose. Again, make this EASY on yourself.


Make it yourself - pre-made or restaurant or Whole Foods soups can certainly be nourishing, but for the purposes of really experiencing this process, make this one yourself. Cut a few things up, let your kitchen smell delicious. Making food from scratch or homecooking (as long as it's not stressful) is one of the ways I feel nourished by food, so that motivates me to want to prepare meals rather than feeling like it's a chore.


Be Mindful - think of how loving you’re being to yourself, your sweetheart + family by preparing this. Sit down to eat it + enjoy it. Share it with someone! I love having people over for soup or chili, it feels so nurturing to share soup. Relax before you jump up from the table to do dishes or get back to work, enjoy this moment. Americans spend way less time enjoying + eating their food than the French (hello French Paradox), yet we tend to eat more, poor quality food + experience more stress. 


I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you, this was definitely a group favorite last year. Adding this kind of nourishment in the cold winter months is now one of your tools! All you have to do is find 1 or 2 recipes that you totally love + you’re all set. 

When in doubt, when I feel like I'm scattered or stressed soup is one of my go-to tools. If I'm not hungry or need something more the answer is to get outside + go for a walk or have a cup of tea.

I've tried pushing through, doing more, working harder but the rewards + benefits of that are almost none compared to taking care of myself, taking a break + reconnecting. Not to mention how much more clarity, creativity, energy + productivity you get. 

This is what you will discover for yourself the next 3 weeks - the things that WORK FOR YOU. 

Share pics of your soup with our group! Tell us what you did to make it special. Share recipes. Share the love.

Happy soup making.

xo, Nik