DAY 17

Today’s lesson could make you really excited or want to run for the hills. 

Do you ever feel like you’re waiting to be thinner to go on vacation + wear a bathing suit or to buy yourself new clothes?

You don’t need to become a fashionista + spend all your money on high fashion.

You don’t need to dress like a 21 year old.

However your clothes can be an expression of how you feel. 

Today it’s cold + rainy so I’m bundled up with a sweater + big blanket scarf + my rainboots. Sometimes I work at home all day + I’m wearing my comfy yoga clothes (the unofficial mom uniform of the first world). And I got to wear my cute backless blouse + heels at a holiday party last weekend.

You don’t need to trade in your favorite comfy stretchy pants, college sweatshirt or uggs. 

Dress the body you have TODAY. You deserve to express yourself to the world.