DAY 19

You are in charge of you. You already KNOW what you need. The goal is to feel good + to NOURISH yourself. 

Here are some NO RULES nutritional advice. Each of these will connect you to YOUR body. They are not rules of what to eat or not eat, they are guidelines to tap into your power. Some of them are good guidelines to living, not just eating. 

  1. Speak kindly
  2. Breathe
  3. Experiment with love + tenderness (new foods, new practices, new routines)
  4. Include plenty of fresh, whole foods (to naturally shift from processed food)
  5. Homecooking (get really comfy with a handful of recipes)
  6. Start where you’re at - baby steps are best
  7. Know yourself (likes/dislikes, patterns, stories, connection)
  8. Inform yourself. Learn + act on what is important to YOU (not what will make you “clean” or lose weight)
  9. jlkajd
  10. ENJOY yourself. It’s the healthiest thing you can do. We can find “evidence” that in some capacity everything is toxic. Truth is there are toxins in our environment, there are toxic people in our lives, in our food, toxic thoughts in our head…all we can do is be devoted to our wellbeing + acceptance. In each moment we have a choice in how we see ourselves + what actions we take or don’t take.