DAY 20

You are doing awesome! Tomorrow is our last official day, but this is just the beginning of you creating your life on purpose + with intention. This is your master tool. I’ve created a separate PDF for you because with time/seasons/commitments things may change + you’ll want to tweak your routine to serve you. This means you will always have a fresh copy.

For the purposes of now, you are going to create an outline for your days for at least the next 40 days. You can pick + choose from nuggets you learned here, tools you’ve acquired or what your intuition is telling you.

This isn’t a schedule + it is separate from your Top 3 to-do list. This is the foundation, the GOLD for keeping you aligned, grounded + feeling alive.

Pretty much every single one of my mentors, teachers, coaches, colleagues + friends have a routine that they credit for their success in business, health, parenting + living a satisfying life. One thing they have in common is some sort of mindfulness/meditation/breathing practice.

It ranges from 5 minutes to 45 minutes to a few chunks throughout the day.

This is not meant to be full of things to do morning, noon + night. Start with the smallest step. 

I’ve listed some suggestions. Move them around, choose 1 for each time of day, choose 1 for the whole day. Just choose something + make sure it’s something you can stick with. 


  • breathing
  • guided meditation
  • reading a quote or pulling an oracle/inspirational card
  • gratitude journal
  • choose an affirmation to say each morning
  • go for a walk or do your movement of choice 
  • eat breakfast 


  • take your lunch break to eat, sit + not work or be on the computer.
  • go for a quick walk
  • breathing or a yoga pose


  • sit down to read or check in with kids/partner when you get home
  • take 10 breaths to transition from the energy of the day to slowing down for the evening
  • light a candle or share gratitude when you sit down for dinner


  • take a bath
  • read a book
  • listen to a guided meditation or yoga nidra
  • write your top 3 for the next day
  • journal or gratitude journal