Day 19

We're going to do a quick + dirty lesson in energy.

I've mentioned it about 100 times in the last 19 days because it's important in pretty much everything we do because everything IS energy, period.

In fact, our thoughts + beliefs are energetic in the same way the couch in your living room is. Your couch is putting out energy in the form of a tangible, hopefully comfy, place to sit + hold cute pillows.

Our thoughts + beliefs put our energy in the form of actions, in what we do, feel + say. If we spend our time thinking we suck at exercising, we will probably have an incredibly hard time even starting to exercise, let alone enjoy any of the benefits. The action or outcome is a direct result of a belief + thought.

Following me? 

Now, you started practicing some ways to shift your beliefs + perspectives earlier. It's always interesting to listen to the thoughts, to the mean girl voice + to the words coming out of your mouth.

I have to say I've become SUPER careful to not utter the words "I can't afford that." Even when I'm talking about things that actually cost more than what is in my bank account. Why? Because that shrinks my energy. Especially if it's something I really desire, like my culinary school in Italy thing. That is expensive + there are hundreds of questions as to how to make that work, but I don't say I can't afford it because that's not the message I want to send. 

One of the quickest ways to get yourself into this more open energetic place, meaning your moving your energy around is to move your body. It can be referred to as raising your VIBRATION. Meaning you can shift feelings of fear, doubt, lack + not enough into hope, joy, expansiveness + light simply by moving some energy around.

If you've ever walked into a room + felt like you just got punched in the stomach + completely nervous you know what it's like to feel the energy of other people. Same goes for walking in + feeling excited + open. 

We will call it play. How much time do you spend playing? 

This doesn't necessarily mean exercise, but it's what many have felt practicing yoga or the runner's high or the expressiveness of dance. It's anything that takes you out of your monkey mind + into the realm of possibility. You aren't worried about dinner or cleaning or emails because you are 100% in the moment having fun.

A few favorite ways to raise your vibration:

  • singing (in the car is my fav) 
  • dancing
  • walking or jogging, especially outside near lots of grounding trees + water
  • take your shoes off + walk on some grass
  • play ANYTHING with kids, they are naturally high vibe humans
  • play a game
  • watch something funny - LAUGH
  • yoga - even just a few sun salutes like I showed you in the video
  • have bodywork done (massage, reiki, chiropractic)
  • free write in a journal - anything you want to say, anything, you can always rip it up afterwards, just get it out 
  • create something - color, paint, cook
  • take an epsom salt bath
  • meditation + deep breathing
  • real, whole, unprocessed foods (food is full of vibration)

Notice how many of these things fall into other lessons we've had? How efficient! You can get a lot done dancing!

We all have moments of disconnection + low energy. That's normal + it has to move through us. This is not suggesting you should hurry up + get through something that you need to work through. 

It's another tool + another way to look at getting out of your head. Each time I send an email or post something on social media, I ask if I'm speaking from my heart + being of service. If I'm feeling really nervous or vulnerable (picture this), I crank up some music + dance around before I hit send. It chills that mean girl real quick.

Happy Vibes!



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I create my reality + everything is energy.