Week Three

Can you believe we're already in our final week, rounding out the first month of the new year? I feel like it's gone by so fast, yet so much has happened at the same time. 

I want to say how amazing you women have been through this process. So vulnerable, supportive, caring + honest. It has been an inspiration to witness how you have shown up for yourselves + for each other. 

In our second week we hit our peak + you may have found yourself wanting to stop, feeling resistance, overwhelm or noticing yourself still falling into old patterns. That is OK, that is how the process goes. We introduce some new ideas, look at what's happening, notice our patterns, then we start shifting + our ego, the voice in our head fights back. It doesn't want you to change. 

Remind yourself that this is proof that the seeds have been planted. You dug up the soil, shook things up, got rid of old roots + things you don't need + that aren't NOURISHING the soil. Now the fun part. 

This is when we start to give our seeds water + sunlight. We commit to caring for ourselves + what's been planted. 

Do you see the arch here? How we acknowledged what we want, began digging up what was holding us back, maybe wrestled with letting go + now we start living in a way that allows us to FEEL GOOD?

This is my favorite part because we get to celebrate + add goodness within ourselves, which spills out into our households, our workplace, our community + the world. 

I am so grateful for each + every one of you. Thank you for showing up + sharing your light.