Welcome, Sisters! I'm so happy to have you here + to share this experience with you. 

Let’s set the intention for our time together here…

To ease into ourselves

To relax more

To strengthen our inner KNOWING muscle

To trust we are + we have exactly what we need every step of the way

We are open to thinking about ourselves differently


Trust that you are here at this time for a reason. Maybe you’re back for another round, maybe this is your first experience. Maybe you love personal growth work, maybe it’s completely new (and a little terrifying) for you. Wherever you’re at is where you’re meant to be

If you are here about food, emotional eating, self-care, connection or are seeking some direction, you will get exactly what you need. You can leave what you don’t need.

Something has happened in our (Western) culture where food, health + exercise have taken on an enormous amount of attention, energy + morality (are we good or bad if we eat, look or act a certain way?) leaving us questioning everything.


Over the course of the next 21 days we are going to ask the question IS THIS TRUE?


  • Is it true healthy = skinny?
  • Is it true you’re BAD for eating or craving sugar?
  • Is it true you have to work out more, longer, harder in order to reap the benefits?
  • Is it true you don’t have time to take care of yourself?
  • Is it true, those stories you tell yourself?
  • Is it true you have to do more, try harder to get what you want?


What we BELIEVE has a drastic effect on what’s possible, on what our reality becomes. 


Our positive thoughts are 1 million times more powerful than negative ones.


If you believe you’re here to struggle + fight + survive, that will be your experience.

If you believe it’s possible for you to feel vibrant, healthy, or to thrive, you will create experiences + attract what you need to experience that. 

Question what you learned to believe as a little girl, forgive others, forgive yourself, question the culture “norms” + decide what you want, replace fear with love, make your faith greater than your fear. What is true for you? 


Everyone is doing the best they can in that moment. 


Walk around with that + see your perspective shift. 

If you’re here because of your health + wondering why I’m not mentioning much about food or exercise it’s because this makes all of that easier. 


Here is where I ask you to trust me. 


If any diet or workout craze or weight loss has made your life better + still satisfies you, you wouldn’t be reading this. Believe it can be different. Believe you are perfectly imperfect.

Believe there are deeper parts of us ready to be released + if weight is part of that, it will follow. When your intention is to feel good + you believe you can + you deserve that, it’s really easy to TRUST yourself to choose food, movement, jobs, friends or make decisions. It doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. We can stop believing that too.

You are here for a reason. You are here for you + you are here to be a mirror for your sisters in the group. It’s not 21 days of hard work unless you make it hard. 


Take a deep breath with me. ahhh.


OK, let’s do this. 

Here is how the next 21-days will work:


Daily Emails - you will get an email for each day the evening BEFORE. So, today (sunday) you will get you Monday, Day 1 lesson. This works really well. You know the challenge/lesson the night before leaving you some time to implement, plan, set your intention or prepare for the next day. 

Each email will include the lesson + links to our private online space where you will be directed to read more or see videos or listen to audio. 


Private Online Space - this is where EVERYTHING will be housed. All of the lessons, PDFs, videos, audio, bonuses + resources. Under each lesson you can used the comments section to ask questions, share, comment + connect with everyone. 

This space is private because it’s password protected. The password is MORELOVE (all caps). You will only have access to the current + past lessons + certain bonuses. Example, today (Sunday) you will only be able to access Monday’s lesson. 


Facebook Group - join HERE or search for it on Facebook under Beautiful You Project. It’s a completely private, secret group. Nobody other than the women in the program can see/read what you post. It will not pop up on anyone’s feed other than your sisters.’ 

If I had only one piece of advice for the next 21 days it’s to UTILIZE this group! Supportive groups increase our chances of following through. They serve as a place to find accountability, connection, support + lots of love. When participating in the group our #1 rule is to always be kind. Be supportive, loving + positive. Try not to give advice. I know that sounds strange, but we are strengthening our trust + intuition muscles. When you are in a supportive role, your only responsibility is to listen, witness + give loving support. When you are reaching out, you might find yourself asking for advice, that’s fine, but notice how you feel as you share. You might feel your answer or get the clarity you need just by sharing in our safe environment. This alone could be a transformative practice for you.


Other - Throughout our time together I will be scheduling some check in parties online. I will give you a login for a webinar platform where I will be on video + you can either join me with a webcam or just listen without being on video. I think it will be fun for us all to see each other in real time along the way.

Don’t worry about missing anything or getting behind - this is not about doing it all a certain way, it’s about honoring yourself + listening to what you need. It’s all going to remain available online + in your inbox if you save the emails. You also have LIFETIME ACCESS, so when we have future rounds, you have the opportunity to join again for free + get all the upgrades + additions.



If you have questions along the way, you can email me at nikki@nikki-stern.com

Here is where you can find the lessons: www.beautifulyouproject.com/lessons 

Password: MORELOVE

Join our Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1535852536652978/ 



Thank you for being here, I’m so honored, grateful + excited.